Melee : July 2014


I have a lot of cameras. One of my favorite things to do before I go out shooting is go through them all to figure out which one will be right for what I’m doing. I break my cameras down into 3 different catagories. Primary, secondary and melee. Primary is usually a larger medium format camera that I use when I’m shooting in a controlled environment. Secondary is a rangefinder or SLR 35mm that I take when I need something more light weight to go on adventures with. Melee is a small point and shoot 35mm that I keep in my back right pocket at all times. I very rarely ever leave home without it, its an extension of myself to a certain degree. I can whip it out and take a photo in less than 3 seconds, its for close range quick hand to cam combat. Although I love the melee and shoot with it almost more than any camera, the photos very seldomly make it up on the site as they are usually random and make little sense amongst other posts I put up. So I’ve decided to dedicate a section of the blog to the melee photos. Expect random shit and always keep one shot in the chamber. 


MADLOVE – Scottylib

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The saga continues…


Definitely have not been slacking this summer. ACX part 4 is already in the works. Heres a preview of the model, Uli, who will be starring in what I feel like will be the best of the series thus far. Really excited for this one. Happy 4th.

MADLOVE – Scottylib


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D2K : Missile Control Site SF-51



MADLOVE – Scottylib

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Too weird to live. Too rare to die.


Just finished shooting the 3rd installment of my ACX double exposure series. Heres is a single exposure of Gabriela, the model who will be featured throughout pt. 3. She’s a badass dame that gives zero fucks, pumped on this one.

MADLOVE – Scottylib

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MC DIATRIBE : Stranger In Town

If you’ve followed my blog at all these last 2 years you’re probably familiar with MC DIATRIBE. We put out an album over the winter called Know Love & Loss and filmed a music video shot entirely on 35mm film a year and a half ago. Both of which were themed around serious issues in Diatribes personal life. As awesome as all that was, we never really got to portray the side of him that most people originally knew him for… his verbal assault. Anyways, after I sent him this beat a few months ago and he returned it weeks later with some serious hot fire. Eventually, we got him out to California to shoot the video and  we finally got a chance to do something dope with the creative freedom we’ve yearned for since making Ninja Turtle toy movies as kids (…ok teens, whatever, we were late bloomers). SIT1

The best part of shooting this video was collaborating with some of the most talented people I know. Make sure you check out comedian Steve Post (The Detective) and like his Facebook page for upcoming shows and events. I’d like to thank my homeboy Jamie Gain for drawing up MAD dope sketches for the video and going above and beyond what we asked for. Also, my homeboy Alex Hogan did the most official graphics for the intro and the credits, don’t sleep on the kid. I gotta give MADLOVE to Jon Arbolino for coming through last minute and getting his face pressed up against a wall in the middle of the 8th street right after he got out of work, thanks kid. Its always dope shooting with Diatribe, we’ve been doing this shit for so long it just comes so naturally (sorry for being a dick that last day at the beach) follow him on Twitter and Facebook.SIT5SIT3SIT6

MADLOVE – Scottylib

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MPC : Crab Claw

Check out the video below to see how its made.

MADLOVE – Scottylib

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